KHAT self-developed ECS controller is associated with a number of intellectual properties such as the control algorithm of the application layer, "A semi-active control method of intelligent acceleration damping for vehicle suspension system" ZL201611202706.1 and "Leveling device and method for multi-axle vehicle oil and gas suspension" ZL201110446606.4, etc.


Our controller engineering process strictly adheres to the V shape hardware-software development and verification program which is based on ASPICE standard. Targeting on the function safety of ASIL-B grade, the whole electronic control system has been developed in accordance with ISO 26262 standards. During the development process, the full set of test tool such as MIL, PIL and HIL is applied to facilitate the quality.


Within AUTOSAR architecture, KH software is coded through auto-coding technology which is characterized by its remarkable stability and expansibility.

KH controller hardware is developed in modules and platforms to satisfy various requirements of ECS specifications such as electronically controlled air suspension system, electronically controlled hydraulic-pneumatic suspension system and electronically controlled damping system.